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Ear piercing the ear is probably the most common site for piercings both historically and in modern times. Nearly every piece of the ear can be pierced, with the lobe being the most common. We offer an extensive selection of professional ear piercing equipment and supplies. Available products include ear piercing kits, instruments, studs and other ear jewelry.

Ear Piercing : 2014 items
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Item: 14K Gold Labret with Green Opal Balls
Item: 14K Gold Labret with Pink Opal Balls
Item: 14K Gold Labret with Rainbow Opal Balls
Item: 14K Gold Labret with White Opal Balls
Item: 14K Gold Labret with Yellow Opal Balls
Item: 14K Gold Seamless Ring
Item: 14K Gold segment ring with gem
Item: 14K Gold Straight Barbell, 12 Ga
Item: 14K Gold Straight Barbell, 14 Ga
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You won't find a better selection of ear piercing anywhere. At our shop we offer many Ear Piercing items at wholesale discount prices and will amaze you with our added features to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

Choose from over 1,000 jewelry of body piercing, including gold clit charms, gold pictures, straight barbell clear retainer, straight pin nose rings, gold plated straight barbell eyebrow jewelry, large gauge tongue barbell, how to unscrew barbell body jewelry, clitoris barbells jewelry, buy tongue barbell, ear piercings stretch, navel piercing ripping out, types of genital piercing, everything you need is all here at your one stop Body Piercing Shop.

We carefully select our body jewelry to ensure you get the finest quality money can buy. In addition, our unique, shopper friendly approach to product presentation makes shopping for body jewelry online quick and simple. For your security, we offer a secured server where you enter your personal information so you can shop safely.

Thank you for shopping with us; your business is greatly appreciated. We stand behind what we sell and are dedicated to personal service.

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