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For most people, some of the genital piercing are very stimulating, while others are mainly aesthetic. However, since we all like different types of play, the results will vary. But in general, inner and outer labia piercings are largely decorative, though lots of weight on inner labia piercings can feel good, and may also help pull your clit out from under your hood.
Clit piercing (Clitoral hood) is a great choice if you want lots of sensation with relatively little pain investment. But do remember that the horizontal hood piercing does not usually give nearly as much of a thrill as the vertical. The Princess
Albertina can open the door to a whole new kind of orgasm if you like urethral stimulation.

Female piercing : 448 items
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Item: Captive bead ring with marble ball, 14 ga
Item: Captive bead ring with multicolor 4-section ball, 14 ga
Item: Captive Bead Ring with Skull And Handcuffs, 12 Ga
Item: Captive Bead Ring With Skull And Handcuffs, 14 Ga
Item: Captive bead ring with skull and handcuffs, 16 ga
Item: Captive bead ring with striped ball, 14 ga
Item: Captive bead ring with web ball, 14 ga
Item: Captive bead ring, 10 ga
Item: Captive bead ring, 12 ga
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